In an era when rage, conflicts and disagreements threaten personal relationships, communities and nations, Breaking Anger’s Embrace is a book whose time has come.

Author's Perspective

When I turned eighty, I decided to write down a few of the things I have thought about, felt, and come to believe while I could still remember them.

I have been a practicing clinical psychologist for more than forty years, so most of my views on anger, communication, couples, parenting, and therapy come from practical, hands-on experience.

My views on teaching and reaching teenagers come from many years of experience as a parent, grandparent, teacher and therapist.

I discovered my “ancestral unconscious” and my “genie” when I first heard my deceased grandfather’s musical force come alive within me.

  • How to understand the contents of my book:

  • Each essay or chapter is written to be read independently, so you will find some repetition of key concepts. I hope you will enjoy reading my thoughts as much as I’ve enjoyed collecting, recollecting, and expressing them.
  • Thomas Schneider